The Snacks & Kitchens Dashboard

Product Design, Development, User Feedback/Research

On Leap Day in 2016 I joined the team at ZeroCater, a leading provider of office catering and snacks, serving companies including Salesforce, Adobe, Apple, and Facebook. ZeroCater's success is facilitated by a suite of technologies, created in-house by our engineering team and our small design team, consisting of myself and our Art Director. Late in 2017 I helped launch ZeroCater's Snacks & Kitchens product, a program that provides curated snacks and kitchen equipment to offices and their hungry employees.

Research-Driven Design

I created high fidelity mock-ups in Sketch, which I then turned into static HTML/CSS prototypes. When the prototypes were complete, I worked with our engineers add functionality and bring the feature to life. Lastly, I would make a final round of edits to clean up the CSS and HTML of each layout before submitting it for a final code-review through GitHub.

The Iteration Cycle

Once a feature was released, I gathered feedback through more rounds of user research interviews and turned that feedback into actionable tasks for either myself or the engineering team (usually via Trello). As a team we prioritized each task and decided which improvements to tackle in the coming week, after which I would begin again, building upon my existing Sketch files until we achieved the results you see in the screenshots on this page.

Consumption and Spending Data

Subscription insights help ensure ZeroCater's clients get the most out of their Snacks & Kitchens subscription. Gathering these insights also provides essential information that guides continuous improvements to the variety and frequency of snacks delivered and the quality of service received. Through testing and crunching analytics I helped my team create a user-friendly dashboard that bridges the gap between internal operations and our end-users.

Upcoming Replenishments & Delivery Tracking

Clients can view what will be inside of their upcoming replenishments, and they can make adjustments if necessary. With the delivery tracking feature, clients can view a live reflection of their order from the warehouse to their shelves.

Kitchen Plan

Clients can also view their Kitchen Plan, an organized menu that reflects what the ZC warehouse is committed to delivering to clients. This view also conveniently shows which snacks are flagged as 'must have' items, and which will be on a consistant rotation. If a snack is on rotation, the next scheduled replacement snack is visable in this part of the dashboard as well.

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